We are a research team. Experts with Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics and Engineering with good research background while holding faculty positions at various universities work as our consultants. We are always searching all around the world for experts who can help us with their expertise or provide us with software packages for further development and marketing. Feel free to contact us if you can help. Our software products are the outcome of years of research in Engineering Design and Optimization. We are determined to provide our customers with high quality unique and useful software packages. Our development work never stops. We are currently engaged in developing products in the area of Genetic Algorithms, Shape Optimization, Optimum Design of Building Structures, Pipe Network Optimization and other related fields. The members of our team are assigned specific tasks. They enjoy the freedom of working from their homes at remote locations. This is how our overhead costs are kept to a minimum and you get our software packages at easily affordable prices. We started distributing our software packages from Florida in 1995. We moved our distribution point to Georgia in 1999. The first product we released was a general purpose floor plan layout optimization software named PLANOPT. It was released with a challenge to the researchers in the field to come up and present an algorithm that can beat PLANOPT. No other software is yet known to produce better (lower cost function value) layouts.