The VIP-PLANOPT Evaluation version download link has been emailed to you.

What can you do with the Evaluation Version ?

Using the Evaluation Version, you can do the following :


Model any problem of your choice

using all features of VIP-PLANOPT 2006 for problems of any size you want. There is no restriction. However, you cannot optimize except as follows.

Open all 12 benchmark

problems integrated with the software package, plot the optimal layouts and modify them to evaluate the optimality. You may modify all input parameters to test the input capabilities but may not optimize the modified problem.

Optimize and re-optimize

after modifying the first four benchmark problems . You may modify flow/cost matrices, pickup and drop-off points, anchor any modules, apply padding, apply boundary and all other types of constraints. The only restriction is that you may not optimize if you modify dimensions of the modules.

Optimize and re-optimize after modifying the dimensions of module 8

of the benchmark problems L8 and L8FX . This allows you to see how optimization works with a modified problem. This is in addition to what you can do as described above.